Saturated Solutions.

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There are three classified types of solutions. These groups of solutions are the unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated solutions. A solution is when something dissolves in a liquid. Another way of thinking about it is that if you have a liquid and it's not a pure substance, it's a solution.

The first type of solution is the saturated solution. The saturated solution means that the liquid has dissolved all of the solute that is possible. For example, when someone adds sugar to iced tea, the sugar disappears. If you add one teaspoon of sugar to iced tea, you get an unsaturated solution. If you keep adding sugar to the iced tea, you eventually get to the point where the sugar just sinks to the bottom. this is a saturated solution, because no more sugar could dissolve.

The next type of solution is the supersaturated solution. The supersaturated solution means that more solute has dissolved than is possible.

If you have a very hot saturated solution and cool it down, the solubility of the solute decreases as the solution cools. This means that hot solution can dissolve more solute than cold ones. This means that supersaturated solution is more concentrated.

The last type of solution is the unsaturated solution. The unsaturated solution means that if you were to add more solute to the liquid, it would keep dissolving. For example, if you take one teaspoon of salt and put it in a bucket of water, you've made an unsaturated solution. In other words, if you added another teaspoon of salt, it would dissolve too.

In Conclusion, these three solutions are very different in many ways, as also how similar they are. There are the three solutions on what they do and not do in liquids.