Saudi And American Women In The Work Place

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Saudi and American women in the Work Place Women have gone through a lot over the history of the world. They have been perceived as things that run the house and pick after the family. Women have always been looked as lesser people than men. There is difference in how the Saudi Arabian women and American women are looked at and act in the workplace. Both have there own struggles and there are also a few similarities.

Women are women and all should be able to work in their own workplace. There are a lot of differences between how women are perceived. Any woman in America could start their own business if they wanted to, but in Saudi Arabia women have many restrictions. The Saudi women that want to start a business from scratch, but the Saudi businesswoman has to use a male Saudi sponsor, sometimes called a "mahram" or a guardian, to represent her ("Putting Saudi women to work" 48).

Having to do this is a large hassle on the female in their society. Most women that want to start a business form scratch in America just have to show the money and show that they have a plan for the business. Men and women are perceived more as equals in the United States, than in Saudi Arabia, but the women are still not always looked as equals.

The Saudi Arabian government and the American government both support the education of women. They both are putting large amounts of money towards this issue. "The cambers of commerce now have women's sections and billions of riyals are invested in women's education" ("Putting Saudi women to work" 48). In the United States the government has stabilized the intake of females in the educational sector. Now they are focusing more on...