"Savannah" This is a Narrative/Descriptive Essay I wrote for my english class.

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It is the quietest most serene place I could ever go. There isn't anywhere else in the world that can compare to my little space. Being there makes me feel relaxed and calm. It is the best place to feel loved and be treated like a king. My papaw's house is the most majestic place in the world, and I love to visit there.

It takes a long time for me to get to the best place in the world. Usually three of four hours will but us in Savannah, Tennessee, unless I'm driving. Although the drive is long and tedious, the nature around me on the way is so beautiful. There are hills, trees, pigs, cows, and green grass as far as I can see. My family and I always have the best time on that very long drive. We fill the car with country music, and we all join in and sing along.

Laughter, singing, and wonderful conversation fill my ears all the way there. I always love to be able to have good conversation with my mom and brother. Without the long drive and enormous amount of time, the visit wouldn't be the same. The best memory that I have would have to be how every time, like clockwork, we stop right in the middle of the drive and do the same things. We stop in the same spot, we buy the same things, and we always use the restroom. Although it's more of a tradition and not a memory, I can always count on stopping there for a midway drive snack. When we almost reach our destination, there is one special road that my brother and I get very

excited about. We always start getting extremely cheerful and start chanting "PAPAW'S AND...