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It is estimated that the annual economic cost of crime is 31 billion dollars (Cull 23). Crimes can range from murder, burglary, arson, and kidnapping to fraud, prostitution, speeding, and vandalism. Basically, a crime is defined as anything that is committed in violation of a law that prohibits it and authorizes punishment for it (Wilson 22). Crime is a serious issue in today?s world as it affects not only the victims and the perpetrators, but also both of their families and the condition of the society in which they live. There was a general decline in crime rates during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as a decline during the thirties and forties. Following these periods, however, was a sharp increase during the sixties, and crime has increased even more drastically within the last decade (Wilson 109). Some people think that this is due to the declining environments in which people are raised; others believe that it is only the perpetrator?s fault and that crime should not be the answer no matter the circumstances.

One last group of people thinks that most crime is caused by society. It seems that the problem is a combination of all of these, but that the emphasis should be put on correcting the problems in society that push people towards crime. In the United States, unemployment, income inequality, education, and correctional systems need to be addressed to reduce the overall impact that they have on criminal activity.

In examining some of the ways in which society contributes to the overall presence and effect of crime in the United States, one of the first issues that arises is unemployment. It is safe to say that not all, but a large proportion of crime that is committed is out of...