Saving Energy at Home

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Daniel Rodriguez 0419997

October 10, 2014

Speech 1315

Topic: Saving Energy at Home

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the many different ways they can save up energy at home along with money.

Thesis Statement: Everyone needs to understand how to save up energy at home, because it will benefit each and every one of us economically.


Everyone, take a second and think of how many times you leave the lights on in your house when you leave your house or how long you take to shower with hot water. Imagine all that energy you are wasting since no one else is using that light or how much energy is your water heater using to produce all that hot water.

Saving energy at home is an easy way to save you a lot of money in the long run.

We need to understand the benefits of saving up energy at home along with the effective ways of how to do it exactly.

I will be showing you today, how doing something so minor as unplugging a charger from the wall plug to installing a thermostat in your house will decrease the amount of energy that you will be consuming.

Transition: What methods can I use to save energy?


Saving energy is not hard to do especially if you start fixing your house little by little.

"The average U.S. household pays $1,900 annually in utility bills, according to the Department of Energy." (Anderson, Frick, Gerstner, Esswein, ENERGY CRISIS)

An easy process that might be costly but will benefit you tremendously is calling an energy auditor to evaluate your house and find out what is best for your house in regards to saving money. It usually costs about $250 to $600 dollars depends in the area.

If an energy auditor...