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The sequence I am analysing is the opening scenes set on Omaha Beach on D-day, June 6th 1944.

The sequence begin's by the camera showing one of the soldier's eye full screen, as if to make the viewer see through them. This shot Then zooms out to become a mid-shot. It then swaps to an overview of enrire troop carrier. Immediately here the audience notices the lack of colour that has been adopted for this particular scene. the effect of this is to make the audience aware of the mood of the soldier's in the boat. This is most noticeable when hte camera is close up to the soldier's faces which almost look skeleton like.

In this scene, we are also presented with the main character, Tom Hanks, who before the war was a school teacher. at first the camera is focused only on his hands which are quivering, this again shows us the fear in his mind, and portrays the reality of the soldier's feelings.

As the door of the carrier drops, the German bullets begin to fly. In the first few second's of the carnage the viewer is shown many soilder's dying in a variety of different ways. Spielberg uses viqorsus camera work to portary this and coupled with the sound track it proves a dramatic opening to the sequence.

The graphic slaugthering gives the film a dramatic sense of reality. the men are not dting honourably but are crying for their mums or hiding from the bullets. this shows the fact that the 'soldiers' going to war were once childern and some of them still are as they are so young. Spielberg did this to stir up the emotions of the audience, by usng creative sound effects so the cry's for help could be heard above...