"Saving Private Ryan" and "Pearl Harbor".

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Movie Comparison

When comparing two movies about war, you need first set up structured criteria through which you will analyze each movie. The criteria that I have come up with are as follows: How realistic a movie is, how closely it depicts the war it is based on, and how the story of the characters is presented. These three criterions will be the basis for comparing the movies, Pearl Harbor, and Saving Private Ryan. Both movies are based on specific battles fought in World War Two, however they are very different from each other.

The movie Pearl Harbor is based on the attack on Pearl Harbor, which took place in December of 1941. When analyzed according to the set criteria Pearl Harbor is portrayed as a love story rather than a war story. Although the war part of the movie is very realistic when it shows the actual attack on Pearl Harbor, it does not show the magnitude of the attack that brought the United States into World War Two. It is mainly a love story between two pilots and a nurse. The story of the characters is the main focus of this movie. It shows the twisted love triangle between two best friends and the girl they both loved. All in all, the movie Pearl Harbor is more of a love story than a war story.

The movie Saving Private Ryan is based on the battle of D-Day, which took place in 1944, much later than the attack on Pearl Harbor. When analyzed according to the set criteria this movie is a serious and realistic depiction of the battle of D-Day. The battle scenes are very realistic. Just the sound of the bullets piercing the skin of the soldiers is enough to send...