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Saving for retirement is one of the most important things a person can do. With the future of Social Security very uncertain it would be very wise for young people to start investing early. Every since I was a kid my parents drilled in me to save your money you never know what the future may hold. Those words have stuck with me my whole life. Luckily I had enough wisdom to take there words to heart. I've been investing now since I was nineteen years old. I currently own three mutual funds, two IRAs, series EE and II bonds. I also have a savings account so that when I retire next year out of the military I will not have to touch my investments. It feels really good to be financially stable. Young people are becoming more and more aware of their financial future with the president trying to pass a bill that would allow you to invest part of your social security it has become more evident that we are going to have some serious problems with social security in a few years.

Just 5 percent of people age 25-34 believe that social security will be there when they retire. Young people are beginning to take their retirement in there own hands, approximately 61 percent of workers age 25-34 are investing in there retirement, that's up considerably since I started in the work force. The best to way to get started is by having your paycheck deducted automatically each month, this way you will never see the money and there is less chance of you spending it. The rule of thumbs is to try and put away about 10 percent of you monthly pay, but if can't afford that right away put away what you can and increase...