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The movie Saw captivated audiences with its gruesome violence and surprising plot twists. It was a rare film that completely shook up the horror genre. As with most successful horror movies, a sequel always seems to follow, however, most of the time the sequel never quite lives up to the first movie. Saw II makes a bold attempt at standing up to its predecessor, at which I feel it succeeds.

"Saw II" is a sequel to original movie Saw that was shown in early part of 2004, is a full force suspense horror movie that has a slightly different twist than the regular horror flicks. When the movie begins, you automatically see that it is not your typical horror film where the victim is taunted and tormented by an outside force. Instead, the victims instead are placed in situations where their death is an option left up to them alone.

Sadly, most don't overcome the horrible tests that they are forced to go through.

In many ways, "Saw II" is a step up from the first in the franchise. The acting and budget seem to have improved greatly and it features a first time director, Darren Lynn Bousman, adding a fresh perspective to the film. Donnie Wahlberg stars as a burnt out detective named Eric Matthews who is looking to catch the serial killer known as Jigsaw, played by Tobin Bell, who preys on victims that do not appreciate the life that they have been given. Jigsaw leaves many clues behind, and in little to no time, Matthews finds him.

Jigsaw has captured eight victims and kept them hostage in a house where a deadly nerve gas is slowly entering their systems. The killer leaves it up to Detective Matthews and those in the house to save themselves. They...