Say No To Annexation

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Say No To Forced Annexation

Why am I devoting insane amounts of precious personal time to actively join in the fight against the legality of forced annexation in the great state of Texas? For the most part, simply because "it just ain't right". As a citizen of this great country, I firmly believe in my philosophical right to choose where, and under what conditions I want to live.

Texas was founded on the rural lifestyle which has become an ingrained part of our heritage. Sadly, our founding fathers could not have foreseen the raw greed of the very cities they helped create to provide a market for the products marketed by the residents of the outlying areas. Forcefully annexing rural property, in spite of the strong objections of the affected residents, is proving to be a cancer that is destroying a lifestyle, and is sure to eventually result in a backlash which the cities and their leaders who are precipitating this shameful activity will not be able to survive.

Ranches, farms and homesteads that have been in families for generations are being sold off and cut up by developers because landowners are not be able to afford the additional tax burden, or continue with a farming or ranching operation due to the fact that it is simply no longer cost effective to comply with the regulations and restrictions that come with city life. Remember this the next time you go to the grocery store.

Annexation has a detrimental effect on local economies as well, and I suspect that very few local politicians truly understand how businesses are affected by annexation. Several companies in the area surrounding my property have already dismissed their employees and closed their doors. These were viable, productive companies, in many cases having been doing business...