"Saying Goodbye" by: Tina Wang

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"Saying Goodbye" can be very hard. It has so many meanings to it. It can mean "see you next time" or "goodbye forever."

Sometimes, saying goodbye could hurt someone's feelings. For example, when your best friend or family member is moving to a country, far far away.That moment is the last time you can see them. Your feel so sad and the least thing you could do is to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye is a heartbreaking word to say.When your only realitive, best friend, family member or loved one passed away into a spiritual world.That time you can't do anything. They cannot hear or see you. At this point, you are alone and sad without them comfoting you.For Example, your best friend passed away and you are very upset. You are crying your eyes out. Your eyes were as red as blood from crying for your best friend.

You watched her lying as still as stone. You keep hoping she would suddenly sit up and is back to life. But she just lay inside the coffin. Slowly, the coffin is lowered into the hole for her coffin. People where starting to cover over on top of the coffin.That moment you stood staring at the coffin screaming to yourself,"stop it! Wait! Bury me in the earth together with her!" But however, that wouldn't be necessary.

Sometimes sadness can't be forgotten. You just have to move on. Time can relieve your pain only when you keep positive and live on.