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Introduction I am using the sports industry as a medium to illustrate how the scales of inequality are weighted in favour of males. In particular, we are looking at the ways in which women are breaking through the barriers into areas that could not have been envisaged fifty years ago.

The sports industry is extremely diverse and is currently experiencing rapid growth and development. The industry¡¦s profits run into billions each year. The business of sport has certainly not been immune or isolated from gender inequalities.

Traditionally, professional sports management has been the exclusive realm of males. Sport is often regarded as one of societies most traditional male institutions. However, one of the most important phrases of the ¡¥90¡¦s¡¦ has been ¡¥gender inequality¡¦. This involves offering equal opportunities to both men and women to participate in sport.

The table below illustrates just how little coverage women¡¦s sport receives in the media: The Times Daily Express Guardian Daily Telegraph April 5 3 2 4 May 4 2 3 3 June 7 8 5 5 Given the changing face of the international workforce, sports managers must now make ethical decisions regarding hiring in order to make the management of sport both more appealing and available to women.

Although recent changes within sports leagues, such as professional women¡¦s football has opened the doors to women ¡V it is found that they rarely attain positions of power and wealth. It could still be argued that women have not been accepted into the industry, as the roles offered within it tend to be opposed to the typical ¡¥ideology of women¡¦.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with over 117 million players across 175 countries. There are now over 8 million women playing the game worldwide. It is no longer just a sport...