Scapin The Schemer

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Scapin the main character of this play was not only a trickster, but he could talk his way into money. He lied his way around everything. Scapin was dumb in some aspects but very smart in getting what he wanted. The play was based on Argante's son and Geronte's son falling in love with two girls before their fathers returned from their voyage. In all actuality the two fathers were coming home to marry their sons off to the women they had picked for him. Besides, Octave and Leandre only fell in love with the girls because of Scapin.

Scapin was quite the trickster, always tricking people into believing things that really weren't the truth. When the two men come back from their voyage Argante finds out about what his son has done. Argante confronts Scapin about it and he lies through his teeth. "Oh, as to that, I was very angry myself when I first heard about it.

I took your side and even went to the length of telling the boy off. Ask him how I took him to task for his lack of consideration for a father whose very footsteps he ought to worship. You could hardly have put it more strongly yourself. But in the end I calmed down. Really there's not so much harm done after all."(P.349-350) All of this nonsense that Scapin is going on about is all lies. He took Octave's side and even helped Octave figure out what he could say to his father so his father would be so angry. In all actuality the whole thing was Scapin's idea. The only reason that Scapin is even telling Argante this is because he is a servant and don't want to be beat, or fired. Later on throughout the play Leandre finds out that Scapin has told the fathers what has happened and goes after him, and gives him the thrashing that he deserves. But once again Scapin lies his way out of what he has done. "Well then, since you ask me, Sir, it was I and my friends who drank up the little cask of Spanish wine that was given you a few days ago. I made the hole, and poured water all round, so that you'd think the wine had run out." Scapin has told on himself for nothing because that is not what Leandre is talking about. Scapin goes on and on about the little things that he has done and someone has gotten blamed for it. Leandre is finding more interesting things out about Scapin. Mainly how he is a liar and blames things on other people to get what he wants.

Further on in the play after Leandre is done scolding Scapin, a man named Carle comes into the picture. He tells Leandre that the gypsies are carrying off his Zerbinette, the love of his life, and the only way to get her back is to buy her. Leandre doesn't know what he is going to do so he turns to Scapin. Scapin is all for this plan of getting money in a hurry. "I shall have to try to get money from your fathers. (To Octave). As far as yours is concerned, I see the way already. (To Leandre). And there should be even less difficulty with yours, for, though he's as tight-fisted as the devil, you know how little sense he's got, thank God! And I can easily make him believe anything I please. Don't let that offend you. There's not the slightest suspicion of resemblance between you, and you know well enough that everyone thinks he only owns you for his son to avoid a scandal."(p.361) Basically Scapin has just told on himself and his cheating ways of life, but in a time of desperation Leandre has not choice.

Now that Leandre has got Scapin to help him Scapin has to make up this big story to tell the fathers to get the money for Carle to give to the gypsy's. After all this nonsense and lies everyone finds out that Scapin is a liar and want to hang him. As Scapin is taking his last breathes of air he is stilling lying and still wants to get the last word in to the people that he tricked. Everyone one is at the dinner table and doesn't seem to care. Geronte has just found his long lost daughter and everyone is celebrating.