The scariest trip I've ever had!

Essay by Amilton August 2003

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This story dates back to my university times. We planned a excursion to the moutains in the South of Brazil and are all excited about that since we had a hard time learning for the tests in the end of that term. Getting to the camping place was fun itself, for everybody was singing, drinking and cracking jokes in the bus all the way up there. After making all the arrangements of tents and taking a quick look around the camping place as soon as we got there we went on tracking ending at edges of high (damn high!) cliffs and could see waterfalls very often. We had a really good time outdoors learning to set fire for cooking and eating junk food when wood sticks were to wet. At the night of the day before we return from the trip, we gather around a fire as we did the nights before.

There have been always a guy playing guitar, enough girls to go around and stuff. Everything so predictable and usual till a pretty but kinda strange girl had told us about a presumably native, an indian, she had seen wandering around. I don't know why but she thought we were camping over a place which used to be an idian cemetery long time ago. I didn't hear her saying that but my colleagues told me so after the unexpected events that took place on the way back. That very pretty, but strange girl was drinking a lot on the way back, like everybody else indeed. She had a brown wavy hair hanging down just bellow the shoulders. She was wearing shorts that allowed us to see her well shaped legs and so soft a blouse that we could behold her firm and my-hand-size breasts nature had carefully molded...