Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet letter is a story about the crime of adultrey. It takes placce in Boston. During the novel Boston is still a colony. The colony's citizens are members of the puritan church. In the Novel Hawthorne frequently reflects the Puritan beliefs.

In the novel their is a very strong theocracy. The goverment is very powerful and has absolute power. In the novel the goverment has control over most aspects of of a persons life. The state is ran by a few powerful men such as Goverrnor Bellingham. The goverment is very hypocritical of the Puritan beliefs. For example Governor Bellingham lives in a large lavioush house which undedrmines the puritan belief of a symplistic way of life. Due to the Governors power over the citizens no one mentions the unjustice. Along with the supremacy the Goverment holds the church is also a very powerful influence in the governing of the citizens.

Thew Governor which is a head official is a deeply religious man showing piety. In the goverment in Boston a few schooled clergymen hold all the power. Bellingham a very well studied individual is the main governing poresence in the book. In Boston the goverment and it's officials hold all power over the citizens.

In the Puritan beliefs public confession is a very important concept. Under the beliefs public confession is the only way to gain repentance for ones sins. Throughout the novel Hester openly admits to her sins. Through this She gains a lot of strength. By standing on the scaffoled Hester gains forgiveness. Another open sign of her sin is the Scarlet letter. By admitting her sin so openly she gains a lot of strength and forgiveness. Unlike Hester Dimsdale does not publicly admit his sin. Although he is not present on the scaffold he punishes...