Scarlet letter

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By: Anonymous Lindo Jong - Lindo is a member of the Joy Luck Club. When Lindo was two years old, she was promised in marriage to one-year- old Tyan-yu. When her family's home was destroyed by a flood, Lindo went to live with Tyan-yu's family while her own family went to live with relatives. Over the course of four years, Lindo slowly lost her sense of self under Taitai's careful tutelage. She eventually found a way to get out of the marriage without dishonoring her parents. She later married Tin Jong after she immigrated to the United States. They had three children: Winston, Vincent, and Waverly. When Waverly was born, Lindo became dissatisfied with her life because she wanted things to be better for Waverly. Lindo wanted Waverly to enjoy American opportunities, but she also wanted her to have Chinese character. Finally, she realizes that she herself has been changed irrevocably by American culture.

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