The Scarlet Letter By:Hawthorne Symbolisms, thoughts on the book, characters.

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The Scarlet Letter Essay

I did enjoy reading The Scarlet Letter, but at times I didn`t enjoy reading it at all. Some times it felt like the chapters would drag on and on, and my mind would wonder. I would have to reread paragraphs and pages because I was bored, the point Hawthorne was trying to get across, or I just didn`t understand some of the words. He uses a wide rage of vocabulary, words that I wasn`t always familiar with. But on the positive side, what I did enjoy about the book was the fact that the author takes a woman and makes her the strongest of all the characters. I liked his usage of symbols throughout the book. There`s the rose bush, the prison gate, the scaffold, the forest, and many others that he uses to help paint a picture for the reader and to make the story more interesting.

I really enjoyed the character development of Pearl. She was one of the most interesting characters to read about. You never really knew how she would react to certain situations. She was just a little girl, and you wouldn`t think that she would always know what was going on, but then she would say something that would just blow you away at her incite on different subjects, or what was going on with her mother and/or other characters in the book.

The Scarlet Letter has many characters, and they are all shown in either a light or dark way, which I felt was interesting. The characters all seem to change in some sort of way throughout the book. An example would be Chillingworth, Chillingworth is a doctor who is Hester Prynne's husband. He becomes obsessed with finding the father of Hester`s baby. At first, he is...