"The Scarlet letter" by Nathanael Hawthown.

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Summary 9-13

Chillingworth is in town and he tells everyone that he is a doctor so that nobody knows about his past. Everyone in town really needs a good doctor so they welcome him with arms wide open. He does know some medicines and cures for sicknesses by learning from others. Dimsdale is very sick and is always hurting in chest witch is probably because he know that he should be wearing the scarlet letter on his chest as well. Chillingworth is now living with dims dale with the excuse of saying that he shall help and cure his sickness. People start to hear rumors about chillingworths past and they start to look at him badly. They even look at him as a devil coming to take dims dales soul.

Chillingworth is really getting into dimsdales life by asking him personal questions and stuff and really spending all his time on Dimsdale.

They were talking about confessions and things like that and then they saw Pearl outside dancing on a grave. Pearl sees them and tell her mother to leave because he black man will get them to. They continue talking and dimsdale gets angry at how chillingworth is asking such personal questions so he leaves. When dimsdale was sleeping chilling worth looks at his chest and see something that puts him in shock.

Chillingworth is still bothering dimsdale with conversations about topics like the one he is going through just to make dimsdale suffer even more then he is now. Dimsdale is even starting to see images of Hester and pearl.Dimsdale is even starting to hurt himself physically like hitting himself with a whip and fasting.

Dimsdale gets up on the scaffold and starts to scream because of the pain in his chest. He is scared that the...