The Scarlett Letter

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The scarlet letter is an epic adventure that takes place in colonial America. Hester Prynne, the main character, was accused of fortification, her fellow townspeople outcast her giving her a life of grief and of despair.

Hester Prynne was a beatiful woman. She had long brown hair and beautiful skin, but was scared for life by a letter A. That was embroidered on her clothes because of the sin. She was a kind and cheerful young woman who married an old stubborn man. The m a was believed to have died was fighting the Indians on the prairies. She being so young and inexperienced, desired to, " live life" and she was dealt a consequence that was very severe and one that no one would ever want to experience.

The young women had a child from the affair. The child's name Pearl was very symbolic as a pearl is costly so was the child.

Though the name was very beautiful, the child was very destructive and very rebellious. She would seldom walk in the forest, the place of the black man, and would make up imaginary friends then she would take sticks and stones and she would physically harm them. The young child moreover was uncontrollable.

Mr. Dimmesdale, the town minister, would try to help Hester Prynne. Though, it was not stated in the beginning of the story Mr. Dimmesdale was Pearls father. The story shows that He had some much internal conflict that it would eventually lead up to him being physically sick. He was a young man in the beginning of the story but as the story continues he starts to get gray haired and wrinkles, all of which add to his appearance and becoming an old man or having the look of an old man at a young age.

The whole story shows Hester's struggle of being an outcast. She being an excellent seamstress discovered her way of trying to reenter normal society. People began to contract her help for formal wear. She was not allowed to sew wedding dresses because she was "unclean" or because of the sin. With this skill she was allowed to slowly regain the trust of the town.

Throughout the story it shows Mr. Dimmesdale and Hester talking about revealing the affair to the public. They wondered how the public would react to the situation. Mr. Dimmesdale being very scared did not wasn't to confess even though it was hurting him emotionally and physically. One day Mr. Dimmesdale was preaching on the scaffold and Hester Prynne stands up and admits of the sin. Hester tells everyone that Mr. Dimmesdale was the father of Pearl. Mr. Dimmesdale could not handle the shame and a letter A began to form on his chest it formed a scar on his heart. The townspeople revered Him so much that they forgave him and they forgave Hester as well. The town's people began to embrace her and started to see her scarlet letter A as able instead of standing for what it was meant for discipline.