The Scary Night (Creative Writing)

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My body shivered. I started to sweat and bite my nails. I hugged my pillow as close to my body as the water pounded furiously outside. The wind made weird, frightening noises outside while the house inside creaked. I payed close attention to all these noises as I unblinkingly watched the T.V. monitor.

"Maybe this was a bad idea", I said to myself as I dug my nails into my thighs. Maybe it was a bad idea to stay home alone in the middle of the night, as it rained furiously outside while thunder struck the ground every minute. Maybe it was a bad idea to watch "The Ring", the scariest movie ever, while the wind howled like a dog outside.

I paused the movie to get up and make sure the doors were all locked, at least this would make me feel safer. My parents wouldn't' be home for at least a couple of more hours, since they had gone to a far off dinner party I had wished not to attend.

Instead, I chose to stay at home by myself at night, watching scary movies, because nothing scares me, I thought. I sat back down to watch the T.V. and began to once watch the movie. As the movie progressed, so did my fright.

Outside, the rain fell harder and harder while the thunder sounded louder and louder. I clutched my pillow closer and closer to my chest while the movie got scarier and scarier. The lady in the movie was alone too, just like me. She was sitting down watching cartoons, I was sitting down watching horror movies. We were both in a big house, all alone. Then "BOOM!" thunder struck.

"BANG!" Something fell upstairs. I jumped out of my seat and stood still listening for...