a scene i will never forget

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A Scene You Will Never Forget

It all happened during one late Thursday night at about eleven o'clock of last year on the twenty fifth of July two thousand and thirteen after attending an Annual General Meeting. I boarded a coaster bus in Half Way Tree after taking a seat I waited for thirty minutes before the bus was ready to leave, during my wait I noticed two guys entered the bus smartly dress in dark coloured jeans pants and long sleeve shirt the cap that they wore was pulled over their faces. One of the guys sat behind the driver's seat and the other was sitting near to the bus door. While sitting there I noticed that I could not see neither of their faces which arose my suspicion they also had their heads down most of the time texting on their cell phone. I found myself falling asleep from that long stressful meeting that lead to the whole exhaustion all over my body little did I know that something was going to take place.

The conductor finally climbed onto the bus and sent off the bus which got off on a slow start. The bus was on its way down Hagley Park road when the conductor called out to a bystander standing underneath the bus stop "Greater Portmore!" the bystander stopped the driver and he came onto the bus to my astonishment the passenger was one of the cronies friends as he greeted the other sitting near to the door he stood in the passage of the bus as there were no more available seat. I remember saying to myself "Lord have mercy on me as I am going to die today on this bus". There was a man sitting next to me as I gazed...