Scene summaries in "Othello"

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1.1 Venice, a street in front of Senator Brabantio's house. Iago tells about Desdemona's elopement with Othello. Iago talks about his hatred for Othello. Iago tells Roderigo to wake up Brabantio. They tell brabantio that his daughter has eloped with Othello and he asks Rodrigo to lead him to her.

1.2 In Venice in front of othellos house. Othello tells them that it is true that him and desdomona have eloped. Cassio arrives with others and tells Othello that Venice wants to meet with him immediately regarding a Turkish attack coming to Cyprus. Othello refuses to fight his new father-in-law. Brabantio accuses him of enchanting his daughter with charms and drugs.

1.3. The Duke, senators, and officers meet. The Turkish fleet is coming to Cyprus. Duke tells Othello he must go to Cyprus to defend against the turks. Brabantio presents his case against Othello claiming he used witchcraft or potions to win Desdemona.

Othello offers to tell his tale of how they fell in love, while they send for her to tell her version. Desdamona arrives and confirms that she fell in love with him. Duke asks Othello to leave for Cyprus that night an assignment which he easily accepts cuz he is used to war. Desdamona decides to go with to the front lines. After they have all left, Rodrigo says hell kill himself but iago talks him out of it. They decide to win over desdamona as long as Rodrigo keeps giving iago money.

2.1 At the port in Cyprus. The Turkish fleet is drown by the storm. Cassio arrives by ship, and shows worry for Othello. Iago then arrives in another ship.

Othello finally arrives and talks to Desdamona. Iago tells Rodrigo to start a fight with cassio and bicker with him that night.

2.2 In the streets. The herald announces that Othello has proclaimed a night of celebration for the victory.

2.3 Cyprus, the castle. Cassio does not drink but Iago talks him into it and they all drink. Iago sings drunken songs, Cassio gets drunk. Iago hints to Montano that Cassio has a drinking problem and wonders why Othello trusts him. Iago sends Roderigo to bother Cassio. Cassio chases Roderigo drunkenly and strikes iago. Cassio attacks Montano, who tried to restrain him. Othello asks who started the fight. Iago pretends he does not want to incriminate Cassio and seems to try to defend him but really incriminating him. Othello tells Cassio he is no longer his lieutenant. Rodrigo convinces cassio to look to desdamona for help but really he is using that too help make it look like cassio is having an affair with desdamona.

3.1 Cassio is sure that he will be able to reinstate his position. Cassio convinces Emilia to convince desdamona to help him get his job back.

3.2 Iago gets closer to Othello and now can send his plan into action even better than before.

3.3Desdamona is confident that she can get cassios job back. Iago points out how cassio sneaks away when talking to des. Iago proceeds to cast more doubt in Othello's mind about his wife's faithfulness. Iago works his magic and plants a seed of doubt in othellos head. Othello has lost some confidence and starts being jealous. Othello tells iago he is the new luitenant.

3.4 Des has lost the hankerchief and then cassio gives it to the prostitute and she thinks he is with another woman. Des learns of the importance of the hankerchief and feels really bad.

4. 1: Iago twisting Othello in all directions, Othello collapses. Cassio comes. Iago talks to him of women while Othello watches, and thinks that they are talking of Desdemona (only we hear both sides). Bianca brings in the handkerchief. Othello strikes Desdemona in public.

4. 2: Othello questions Emilia but does not believe her. Othello confronts Desdemona. Roderigo challenges Iago about his promises; Iago suggests that Roderigo should kill Cassio.

4.3: Desdemona prepares for bed and talks about her mom.

5.1: The ambush of Cassio fails, Iago wounds him, he wounds Roderigo, Iago kills Roderigo and then accuses Bianca.

5. 2: in The bedroom, Othello suffocates Desdemona. Emilia comes and announces Roderigo's death. Desdemona revives to speak then dies. Othello asks Iago to confirm the unfaithfulness of Desdemona, Emilia tells the truth about the handkerchief, Iago kills her. Othello made prisoner. Othello tries to kill Iago. Othello kills himself.