Scheduling Across The Supply Chain Executive Summary

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Scheduling Across The Supply Chain Executive SummaryTeam A has unveiled a new product for McDonalds called the McTurkey Club Sandwich. The team believes in the new product and the initial research has shown that the consumer is ready for this new sandwich. This executive summary will discuss the new sandwich and will examine different methods and concepts concerning scheduling of the supply chain. This summary will also examine scheduling approaches in relationship to manufacturing processes such as Job Shop, Batch Shop, Assembly, and continuous Flow. The summary will further discuss products manufacturing, relationships of equipment availability, personnel, bottlenecks, and then compare and contrast Synchronous Manufacturing, Materials Requirements Planning, Just in Time Manufacturing, and explain which systems are used for the McTurkey Club Sandwich. (UOP, 2009)Scheduling in Manufacturing ProcessesFour manufacturing processes exist for the McDonalds Corporation, Job Shop, Batch Shop, Assembly, Continuous Flow, and all are essential in the scheduling process.

McDonalds has a process flow structure in place which makes scheduling easier for the McTurkey Club. The company has been making hamburgers and fries for over 50 years and the scheduling for manufacturing has been refined to perfection.

Job Shop is manufacturing individual items such as the ice creams they provide. They are made to order, if not they would melt. Batch job would be the cookies McDonalds provides. A small quantity is made at the same time and consistency is maintained to keep the cookies the same. Assembly is the flow of manufacturing where items are assembled such as the McTurkey Club. The raw materials are prepared and ready for the employee to assemble. This process flow is probably where McDonalds does the majority of their work. Continuous Flow is not utilized in the actual restaurant but would be used in the distribution warehouse. Continuous Flow is...