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Simin Liang

Final A

Ethno-religious Values vs. Popular Culture

I have been nurtured in a traditional Chinese family which adopts three Chinese religious values for my upbringing. Those three kinds of Chinese religious values are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Being a Chinese American, these three types of belief make up my Culture background because the concepts impact my values and views. Meanwhile, popular culture contributes toward my personality as well. Chinese religious values and popular culture interrelate to each other but not always harmoniously. While pulling and dragging between religious values and popular culture, I think popular culture influence me more because popular culture primarily forms my behavior and life style.

First of all, popular culture emphasizes the Confucian concept of constructing my personality, while my family is teaching me how to respect and treat others following the idea of Confucius. As an illustration, Disney's movie, Mulan, demonstrated the five dimensions of Confucianism that consists of loyalty, piety, forgiveness, propriety, and benevolence.

In my upbringing, my families teach the five dimensions of Confucianism verbally; nevertheless, popular culture demonstrates the complicated concepts through media. Popular culture simplifies and emphasizes the concepts to people. It contributes on forming the lives of Chinese Americans into the ethno-religious values while it cooperates with the Chinese religious values. At this point, I think popular culture influences the lives of Chinese Americans more.

Secondly, Taoism keeps me staying still while popular culture attracts me to chase the trend. My grandparents taught me Taoism when I was young. The purpose of Taoism is not to pay attention to the desirable and maintain the natural of reality. The teaching is to lead people to focus on their inner beauty in order to avoid being over self-esteem. For instance, popular culture makes me to...