Schindler's List

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Schindler's List

When Oscar Schindler proposed to open a factory with Itzhak Stern as his accountant, he was primarily thinking of himself. He knew that if he hired all Jewish workers, then he wouldn't have to pay them and he would become rich. He wasn't thinking of how the Jews would be saved if they worked for him or how he would grow to love every last one of them. He just wanted all the Nazis to know him or know of him. He wanted all the women he could get and for the people higher up in the chain of command to be his friends. Once he found out that the Jews considered him a savior, he got extremely upset. He didn't want to be known as someone that loved Jews. It was wrong at the time and he knew he could get killed for it. Or maybe that was his plan all along.

To employ as many Jews as possible to save their lives, but do it in a way that the higher up in command would not know his intentions.

There did come a time when Schindler's motives turned from self-interest to being primarily with the Jews. I think it was at the point when he saw the little girl's arm with a red sleeve protruding from a pile of dead bodies. You could see it in his eyes, the look of despair and dejection. As for Itzhak Stern, he had a significant role in leading Schindler toward being a savior. He put ideas into Schindler's mind to help the Jews and how it could be done. He showed Schindler that Jewish people are people too. He helped Schindler make the list of over 1,000 names so that they could be saved. He also helped Schindler...