Schindler's list

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Schindler's list has many stereotypes the most obvious one is that every Jew is bad and must die. When the guards pull someone out of their place the stereotype is that the guard will kill the person who has been pulled out of line. One point in the movie one guard went soft and after his gun misfired on an older worker he decided to let the man go free. The older the worker the more worthless they are so they were also killed, as were children and most elderly women. The younger generations of workers were judged equally, as long as they proved themselves worthwhile they could stay working, and are able to gain just one more day of life.

Persuasion was a less obvious lesson in the movie. But the further you get into the movie the more persuading you will see. The very first scene of the movie shows Schindler persuading Jews to invest in "a partnership" he took their money and their valuables.

Then these people were rounded up with their families. They were persuaded to think that they were going to labor camps, while most of them ended up dying. Towards the middle of the movie Schindler pays officials off so he can save some of the Jews after he sees what a huge mistake that he made. The last train that went to the concentration camps were persuaded to think that they were going to go work for Schindler, but instead were routed to the camps. After Schindler realizes that these people are going to be shuffled off to Auschwitz he rushes out to pay the officials for these people to spare their lives. After they were rescued the Jewish workers were allowed to celebrate the Sabbath day, and other rituals. A couple...