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Desribe what a scholar is to you. What characterizes a scholar as a scholar (and not just as a human being).

Webster's dictionary describes a scholar to be: "a learned person: somebody who has a great deal of knowledge, especially an academic who specializes in a particular arts subject; a student." A true scholar possess many traits that "regular folks" just don't have, or never learned to utilize it. These traits are as follows: an intense curiosity for intellect, an ability to be learned in all different disciplines and their way of thought, and the tenacity to never give up on learning. These traits are there from the time you are born to the time you die. Everybody can take an interest in learning but only scholars can make it a life long mission.

An intense curiosity for intellect and a passion for new information is founded as a child.

Scholars are different then most individuals growing up. Instead of playing outside they tend to be inside listening to conversations and reading books. This intense curiosity leaves them often asking 'why', 'how', 'when', 'who', 'where' and 'what' . Knowledge does not come easy and a scholar, even from infancy, understands that in order to get answers it's a matter of finding the information and education yourself. Nobody will do it in your place. As a matter of fact a scholar would much rather find the information themselves then have somebody else find it for them. Parents and teachers can only go so far. To be a scholar, learning never stops and the curiosity and intensity to do so never goes away.

An ability to be learned in all different areas of discipline and their particular way of thought also characterizes a scholar. By this I mean, For every subject,