Scholarship Essay

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Scholarship Essay

Education is a very valuable asset in today's career seeking professional. Without a college education, it can become extremely frustrating trying to find a great paying job that you truly enjoy. A college degree is especially useful in my field of study, which is Business Management.

My goal, as a college student, is to have earned my bachelors degree in business administration through El Paso Community College (core) and University of Texas El Paso by the time my youngest child begins kindergarten. I wish to pursue a career as a business owner or top management executive in a large firm, and contribute professionalism and leadership to society. Earning my bachelors will show that I have learned the knowledge and mastered the skills necessary for top management positions in my field. The acceptance of this scholarship will greatly contribute to the financial obligations required to fulfill my academic curriculum.

I believe I make a great candidate for this scholarship because I meet all requirements and am in financial need. I have a military husband and three beautiful children. My children attend daycare while I attend my classes. Unfortunately, I have to pay a lot of money for them to go to daycare. I am twenty-seven years old and am seriously dedicated to my goals. I will do whatever I can, within reason, to accomplish my goals and will not let anything stand in my way. I am determined to contribute financially to my family, once again, and make a difference in my children's lives and the world. I wish to provide my children financial security for their education in their futures.

I am working very hard to earn my degree. Currently, I have a 3.00 GPA. I know that when I finally walk across that stage to receive my...