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The ringing of tardy bells and school dances came to mind when remembering the days of school. These things were great, but soon ended. Planning college was difficult and the ACT wasn't the hardest obstacle.

Grade school was no problem for anyone; why would it be? If someone didn't pass their classes during winter and spring, he just had to take classes in the summer, so the teachers who didn't really want to be there, could pass everybody. This was not good for anybody, because children at that age aren't thinking about school then. Not having anyone to force homework, harmed children. Most parents worked and didn't pay attention to their child's school work until report card time.

Summer was over and another school year had begun. Junior high was special. School dances and the football games were exciting for everybody, but school work didn't get any easier. Things became more interesting.

Reading about history and new ways to increase knowledge didn't seem that hard. Learning something new and getting rewarding grades felt good.

High school is a stage everyone has to face. Finding yourself is a hard experience. College and high school grades are the two important things. Not knowing what college to attend and not having enough school money is always an issue. English papers and test were always a big deal. The ACT was the biggest. This test showed somebody's true intelligence. This test took everybody to the next level. Saturday test taking day and everyone was nervous and really not sure of what to expect. The pressure of the questions was hard at times, and some were common everyday things. The test is soon over and the pressure is gone then he had to wait for six weeks for results are hard.

High scores are good...