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Growing up, I've always had the ideal goal of going to college after high school. I was raised to pursue college after high school as my parents, older cousins, and many of my other relatives went and got their associates or bachelor degree. Despite the fact I was raised to believe that college was the correct pathway after high school, I believe that college is one of the essentials I had needed in order to pursue the career I want to do in the future.

During high school, I started to explore different career options that might interest me. I started to plan out my future thoroughly deciding whether I wanted to go to a four-year college, join the military, or get a full-time job then go back to school. As I started to become interested in becoming a nurse, I started to volunteer at local hospitals and senior centers.

I eventually became in love with the idea of being a registered nurse and started to look into the steps I need to do in order for me to be able to pursue this career. In order to become a registered nurse, you have to obtain your Bachelor of Science degree and major in nursing. As soon as I knew what I wanted to pursue in my future, I decided college was the right pathway for me as it will help me achieve the dream career I want.

My parents have always been supportive in any choice and pathway I choose to pursue after high school and am thankful they have influenced me to help me create priorities in my life that will help me in my future. Choosing a college was very stressful as it was a huge reality check and wakeup call that I will no longer be...