"School of Tomorrow" an idea about how the schools will change with the advance in technology.

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Differences make the world go round. And that is what the world of science is trying to bring to the future of education and of course the "SCHOOLS". For instance, take school uniforms; they take away kids' background and identity and make school boring and colourless. The worst thing about a uniform is making all children look the same. So I believe in the school of 2035, small entities such as school uniforms would surely be replaced by colour codes for each day according to which children would wear their own clothes.

The school would be a shape shifting one that is to say everyday the children would wake up to find their school enclosed in a whole new shape. This would make any child tempted towards spending more time there. Moreover, the natural world would intrude into it, rather than be fenced off from it. This would make students mind more open to new ideas and wisdom.

Any school's safety is a significant factor in its student's well-being. Therefore, the school grounds would be protected by scanning handprints as well as eye scanners at the school gate, an intercom, and unquestionably a swipe card. First aid in classes would be a must to treat any type of injury. In addition to this, there would be a school's own language via which only the school's students, staff and heads talk among themselves. This would ensure that the school's plans for its students do not leak out on any cost.

Next in line are the high-tech classrooms which are naturally sound proof to avoid disturbances. Whiteboards would be replaced with the automated screens via which lectures would be delivered. Since time machines would be a measly invention by then so history periods would be carried out in different time-periods according...