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Although many public schools are still against enforcing uniforms, they need to change this policy because uniforms are generally less expensive, cause grades to typically increase, and most importantly the behavior of students has improved. Some people feel that clothing should be a form of self-expression in the teen years. Adolescents need to a since of individuality that can often be shown through their clothing. For example if a girl is trying to find her identity, she may express her feminine side by wearing something softer, yet the next day she might be feeling tom-boyish and wear her brothers sweater. By having to wear uniforms, often finding the since of who they are may be smothered. Although most children prefer the originality of choosing their own outfits, it tends to be cheaper. In certain respects it's hard to encore the fact that peoples opinion against uniforms may always overpower the rest.

Without the proper knowledge all people may never make the transition from originality to uniforms. In private schools, tuition, boarding and books can be overwhelming for some families. In a Buffalo, New York a local family discusses with a therapist how hard of a struggle it is for their father lost his job. Mr. Nesper says "Loosing my job was the biggest down fall to my whole family I think. All three of my children attend private school. That costed my wife, and I about 4,000 dollars for each of our children. We simply couldn't afford it. So we then had to remove our children from boarding school, just so we could pay bills and stuff. It was always so embarrassing for our family (Bockelman 12 )." On the other hand, when a family buys a uniform it can be much more economical then buying an extensive wardrobe. Studies...