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School uniforms are such a major deal to students these days. They are always complaining about them. They say that the school should get rid of them. But what is so sad is that they can't seem to understand that these uniforms are for our safety. I will get to that point further on in the essay. For now I will like to state that I think that having to wear a uniform is not a bad idea.

Uniforms at Bethune Middle School consists of a white collar shirt or blouse which has to be tucked in at all times. You have to decied if you want to wear pants, shorts or skirts which have to be navy blue only. If you wish to wear a sweater it has to be either white, navy blue, grey or black the same goes for the shoes. These colors aren't bad at all belive me.

At an Elementary (which I will not name) a long time ago the uniform had to be a yellow collar shirt or blouse and a skirt which had many colors such as yellow and black and only boys could wear pants. If you think we had it bad think of those poor kids who had to wear yellow and black.

The reasons why we have to wear a uniform are quite obvious. Reason number one its for our safety. Belive it or not these uniforms protect us. Unfortually we live in a bad neighborhood and if we wear certain colors people might confuse us and think that we belong to a gang and start a fight or worse shoot us. Reason number two some people aren't lucky enough to have everything they want. Therefore other students pick on them which isn't fair. Last but not least this...