School Uniforms: a Band-Aid?

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Today's contemporary society consists of many problems that have yet to be resolved. Crime, violence, truancy and academic failure are just a few from a long list of pending threats to today's youth which stands in the way of success. Governments from all over have tackled these problems in their own unique way by imposing sets of rules and regulations in their public school systems however some of these rules infringe on the rights of students to uniquely and creatively express them selves. There for the Ontario government should not impose school uniforms into the public school system. Many would argue that wearing school uniforms is a brilliant solution to many pressing issues in today's public school system. The idea that a uniform could save financially strapped parents from purchasing expensive designer clothing for their children is quite logical and in some cases is true. However the 'cost' argument is obviously a false argument.

School uniforms do not keep the cost of clothing down, because quite obviously all students also need plain clothes next to their uniform. The majority of teenagers are very socially active with extra curricular, parties, and social gatherings out side of school. The thought of wearing one uniform for all these events and school would be nice but not likely to happen. Uniforms are realistically just one more expense on top of regular street clothes that need to be provided.

Along with the thought of saving money, some feel that school uniforms will prevent ethnic and racial disputes among students. In some unfortunate cases students result in using racial slurs as a way of demeaning another peer in order to feel superior, which is quite true in some schools. However to be a proud Canadian one must except different ethnic backgrounds and treat them with respect,