School Uniforms This is a brief expository on why we SHOULD have school uniforms. Read the first paragraph.

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School Uniforms

Should we have school uniforms? In my opinion I think we should. They would help our parents and us a lot. Think about it for a second. Nobody would have to go through the trouble of being picked on because of his or her clothes. They are very easy to choose in the morning or even before you go to bed. They are also cheaper to buy. This is why I think it would be good to have school uniforms.

Having school uniforms is a good idea. Other children won't be bugged by their peers. Some children are accused of wearing the same clothes everyday or they're just picked on because they wear clothes other than the modern-day style. If we had school uniforms everyone would be dressed the same. So therefore the kids who used to pick on them wouldn't be able to pick on them anymore, as they would be wearing the same clothes.

Take me for instance. I like 70's style clothing although you might not see me wear that kind of clothing. If I did wear those clothes to school kids would pick on me because I'm not "updated with the style". This will also lead us a step closer to less fights and arguments.

Having uniforms helps in all kinds of ways. They make picking clothes in the morning or before you go to bed a lot easier. You won't have to spend as much time looking for clothes that match or something appropriate to wear. They will also help children dress properly because some kids like to dress in inappropriate clothing.

The final reason why uniforms is an excellent decision is that they are much more affordable then what kids wear nowadays. I see sweaters that can cost up to $40! That's...