School Uniforms: For the Good of the Student Body?

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One controversial topic among high school students today is the subject of school uniforms. The question is whether the uniforms truly help the student body. There are arguments for both sides of the issue. The arguments for the issue are just as strong as those against the issue. There are two main points surrounding school uniforms, performance in schools and, uniformity.

The arguments for school uniforms argue that school uniforms decrease violence in the schools. People who argue this side of the issue state that when the students of the school wear school uniforms, that the number of infractions on the rules are decreased. The arguments against the issue argue that there are other programs that the schools can undertake that produce the same effect with out the school uniforms. There is also the argument that by putting students in a uniform, the students are suppressed of their individual expression.

Over all the argument of decreased violence is a weak argument to reinforce school uniforms.

Another argument for school uniforms is that the uniforms improve the academic performance of the students. Arguments state that when the violence of the school is under control that the students are able to concentrate. The arguments also state that when the students are dressed alike in uniforms that the students are not distracted by the different clothes that the students wear when they do not wear the uniforms. Arguments against the issue argue that at Phoenix Prep School after 2 ½ years of the students wearing uniforms that the academic scores of the students are still in the 30th percentile. There are also the arguments that uniforms change the way teachers and other adults perceive the students who wear them. Also there is the argument that uniforms do not rule out the backpacks, jewelry...