School Violence

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School violence is a major concern across our nation. Recognizing and accepting the need for change are important steps toward any effort to reduce violence in schools. There are three important factors that may help contribute to ending school violence; providing programs to prevent school violence, smaller schools can reduce youth violence, and providing dependable and supportive relationships. There is no easy way to solve and avoid school violence. However, by providing programs, reducing school size, and encouraging supportive relationships will help resolve many of the school violence issues.

Schools today need to provide programs to reduce or eliminate violence. Early childhood development is probably the most important thing that we can do to prevent school violence. A child's early years are critical in developing mental, educational, and intellectual achievement. Providing early education programs to young children, and toddlers would help teach them to cooperate, share, help others and get along with their peers at an early age.

Also, it would prepare children to enter kindergarten and to improve the conditions necessary for their success in later school years and life. Another very important program would be to incorporate peer conflict resolution programs into the elementary, middle, and high school daily curriculum and participation should be required for all students. The programs begin with training all students to cooperate with others, as well as to see other points of view. In addition, the program will teach children to settle differences or conflicts peacefully with nonviolent behavior. Conflict resolution strategies must be taught and retaught, and hopefully will be used in and out of school. Another program that would be helpful in ending school violence is increasing hours that the school is open to students. By providing daily after school enrichment activities for every grade level, this...