School Violence

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. Topic: School Violence A. To analyze school violence from the functionalist perspective we must start with a schools' sociological structure. First there is the faculty. These are the people responsible for high schools' stability. On the other end of the spectrum there are the students. A high school is structured in a way to maintain stability. This is accomplished through the delegation of the faculty. Each division of the faculty has its own functions that contribute to the whole. The Principal oversees the school entirely, but he delegates' responsibility to the Assistant Principal, the Dean or disciplinarian, Department Heads, and finally the Teachers. These people are responsible for the well being and education of the students. For example if a student gets out of hand and possibly becomes violent there are channels in which the Teacher has at his disposal in order to maintain stability. If stability cannot be retained in this situation and all options have been pursued, the situation is then turned over to an outside figure, whether it is the students' parents, local police or both.

B. In order to analyze school violence from a conflict perspective we must look at the students.

The students of a high school usually form their own small societies called "cliques". These cliques comprise of students of different ethnicity, interests, and popularity. School violence usually stems from disagreements between these cliques. They normally fall into three categories; Number one is the "popular" clique, which is usually made up of vain, athletic, and physically attractive students who are put on a pedestal by the following two groups. Number two is the "brainy" clique or otherwise referred to as "nerds", which are made up of book smart, unathletic, and usually unattractive students who are made fun of because they are more...