School Violence: the seveirty of this worldwide dillema, descriptions of incidences, and what is being done

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School Violence

School violence is a worldwide epidemic that terrorizes many innocent victims each year. Violence has been prominent in schools for as long as anyone can remember, but recently, violence has taken on a more severe and increasingly dangerous role in schools around the world. The classic situation of bullying and teasing in schools is no longer the concern of parents, teachers, and students. Instead, people are now forced to worry about school shootings and various weapons being carried around in schools. In the past, school violence was thought of as merely a problem in inner city schools. However, this crisis has shifted into all schools, including even the most opulent neighborhoods. Although the media focus tends to be solely on the United States, school violence is actually occurring all over the world. There are occurrences of school violence across the globe that are just as severe as the Columbine massacre in Colorado.

School violence is happening more rapidly over the years and is developing into one of the most complex problems in today's society. Psychologists, teachers, and administrators have been struggling to figure out why students are committing these violent acts, and have yet to rectify this grave situation. Moreover, everyone involved with these awful tragedies feels pain and suffering in one way or another.

School violence is a serious dilemma that is occurring all across the world. These terrible acts of violence are occurring in all types of schools with all different types of students. School violence has become so prominent in today's society that it directly affects more than 50% of our schools (Menhard 14). The vicious cycle of school violence is a threat to everyone in the world.

One of the most widely known instances of school violence occurred at Columbine High School in Littleton,