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A school-wide network is the connecting of all the computers within the school. A school-wide network having the Windows 2000 operating system can help an administrator, a student and a teacher.

There are many benefits for the administrator. One benefit is having the power to install things into a network. Instead of having to go to every individual computer an installing the software all the administrator has to do is do it over the network and it will show up in every computer. Another great thing has to do with printers. The administrator can let many computers have connections with a single printer. This helps reduce the amount of wire if there was like many printers. It is also cheaper because you would have to buy many printers if you did not have a network and more money will be taken away from other things. It also allows files and disk to be shared over the network.

Another good thing is security because nobody can get onto the network who is not supposed to without a password. Another good benefit for an administrator is the ability to keep an eye on people who are going on sites that they should not be on. If a student does go on a bad site the administrator can find out who it is and what computer they used because of their NIC card.

A student can benefit from the school-wide network. One benefit is a one- way trust because if a teacher assigned a project a student can pass that project into the folder. But he cannot take anybodies work from this folder. A one -way trust lets information in, but not out. Another good thing is the security. Without a password a student cannot get into the network. Also if...