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Final Draft April, 17, 2014

Research paper

Problems and Solutions of Insomnia

April, 17, 2014

SooJong Kim (Christie)

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Peter Beresford


Chuck Palahniuk said, "When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake" (Fight Club, 1999). This quotation indicates that insomnia can make people undiscerning because people rarely sleep in the night, and wake up without adequate sleeping. Consequently, they will experience many serious hardships due to sleeping disorders. Insomnia is difficulty sleeping and frequent waking during sleeping time. Although the cause of insomnia is not distinct to be defined, Nabili (2014) explains that the change of working shift, the noise which disturbs to sleep, the environment of the house or people's mood, and stress from other circumstances such as working, studying, or losing of a precious someone can be major reasons of sleeping disorders. There are several kinds of insomnia such as transient, acute and chronic insomnia (Jordan, n.d.).

Especially, chronic and comorbid insomnia are main problems in people's lives. Tjepkema (2005) shows that "In 2002, an estimated 3.3 million Canadians (13.4% of the household population aged 15 or older) had insomnia" (p. 9) It shows that insomnia is becoming the issue that cannot be ignored because numerous people already experienced, or are having it now. Insomnia negatively influences people's health, and potentials to contribute other mental illnesses. Also, there are several solutions which involved natural remedies and medicines to deal insomnia, and using natural treatments can more effectively provide solutions than using medicines for people.

Physical problem

Insomnia negatively affects the function of daytime and physical health, and increases the ratio of obese people who have sleeping disorders. Firstly, insomnia can be associated with the harmful impact of people's daytime function such as the...