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The module assessment

Module: Learning, Teaching and Creativity 2

You are a phase leader in a school. It is a school of your choice - imagine it, describe it, name it, design the letter headed notepaper, think of it as a real living school in a real environment and within a particular community. You are being invited to bid for funding for a project of your choice that will benefit children's learning in your phase. You must apply for funding in a professional manner using the form provided.

Code: TE0501


Application for Funding for Creative Learning Opportunities in KS1.

Official regulations

Your bid must be submitted on the form provided below and each section must adhere to the particular area asked for by the section heading, keeping within the word limit for each section. Your bid should be accompanied with an introductory letter of no more than 250 words which summarises the project.

You should also provide appendices which might include a plan and any other materials that you consider would support your bid. The font should be size 10 Arial. It should arrive in hard copy submitted to the assignment receipting office. Bids received after the deadline will not be considered. You will be informed of the result on or soon after the panel have finished their judgements.

Official Form

Bids that are not on this official form or which exceed the stated word limit for each section will not be considered.

Title (This must not exceed 55 characters including spaces.)

Working Science Afterschool Club

Brief description of the project. (This must not exceed 200 words)

The plan is to employ Working Science to run an afterschool club for KS1. This company has qualified PhD scientists that have years of experience passing on their knowledge to...