Science and Technology: Are they really a success?

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Science and technology are what shape society today and humans take great pride in the success they have had in technological and scientific developments.Many look upon science and technology as the secret of the worlds success. But is todays exceedingly advanced technology really a step towards success?? Or just a step towards the dehumanization of mankind.

A success is defined as something that turns out satisfactorily.Lets take a look at some of the successes of todays technology and science and where is the world heading today thanks to science and technology. Have you ever thought about having an exact

double of yourself ? What about 3 or 4 of you?? This is called cloning and its one of the

latest medical successes. Cloning means making a living thing from another living thing such as a plant or animal. The process uses the genes of the first so they both have identical DNA. Cloning could be used to grow organs for organ transplants

Sure it sounds like a good idea but think about it humans being harvested for their body parts.Hatched to fill their predestined role in society These so called people would not actually be people at all. They would be grown like crops treated like objects.

A development maybe but a success??? I don't think so. Yet this is one of the biggest

Medical successes in the history of science. Think about it.... Sure it would

be great to have sayyy Ian Thorpe cloned 5 times over each one of these thorpedos

trained beyond the limit non stop just to swim swim swim and be the best at one

particular sport. But this doesn't just have to be for the athlete- oh no we could use it

got the soldiers factory workers we could make...