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1. I am going to find out the different oxygen output and carbon dioxide output of multiple plants.

2. The question I am going to solve is; " Which plant gives off the most oxygen, which plant takes in the most carbon dioxide and which plant is the best in both fields.

3. I do not currently have a hypothesis.

4. I will need a computer, a computer interface, an oxygen and a carbon dioxide sensor, a bottle, different type of plant leaves, a lamp, a shoebox and an X-Acto knife. I will get different types of leave and measure them by weight so I have the same amount of leaves for each repetition. First, I will create a chamber for the bottle to sit in. The shoebox should have a hole on top for a lamp to shine through and holes in the sides to connect the sensors.

When that has been completed, we can start the experiment. I will first blot the leaves dry and then put the leaves in the bottle and the attach the tee to the bottle. Then I'll connect the sensors to the tee and to the computer interface. I will let the leaves sit in the bottle for 5 minutes before I start collecting data. I will collect data for 15 minutes. Repeat those steps for all of the leaves. I will follow the steps in Logger pro to create graphs and charts.

5. The scientific principle of my project is plant respiration and photosynthesis. for equipment