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What a Cold Summer!

Local Science Fair

College Prep International

Yan Ding: Grade10

Christopher Stephan: Grade 10



It's a hot summer day, a bit too hot to go outside, and you have decided to cool down. You are lying on your bed and you get thirsty, but you're too tired to go downstairs to the kitchen to get water. Well, we have a solution! For our science fair project and to help all of you who face this problem, we decided to make our homemade cooler.


According to the property of the semi-conductor, when it is connected to electricity, one face of the semi-conductor will absorb the heat and the other face will release it. The heat sink put on the face releasing heat is very important. If the heat sink is not properly done, the thermal energy might be accumulated inside the semiconductor without releasing the heat entirely to its surrounding, so we think we might also need a CPU heat sink fan to release the thermal energy.


A board of Styrofoam (2100mm x 850mm)

A box (280mm x 240mm x 260mm)

A Volt sealed Lead Acid ( 12V 1250mA)

Thermal Grease CPU Heat Sink Compound Paste Syringe Tube. ( 1.5g) x 12

Thermoelectric Cooler TEC1-12706

CPU Heat Sink Fan


Scotch tape


Step 1:

The CPU heat sink contains 3 wires, with a specific plug. To make it able to connect to the Volt Transformer, the first thing to do is to cut the plug.

Step 2:

Out of the 3 wires of the fan, the red one (positive), the black one (negative), and the yellow one (to test speed), only the red and black ones are necessary. To take the copper...