Science fiction story about a kid being abducted and never seen again

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"R.J., wake up for work," Mrs. Garbini yelled from downstairs.

It was Sunday morning, and R.J. needed to get up for his weekend job doing construction with his Uncle Joe. R.J. always enjoyed going to work. He and his uncle were very close, and they always had such a good time together. Construction was also something R.J. had enjoyed ever since he was little, even if it was just building something out of blocks. He had a lot of dedication for his job; he was never late, and never called out sick!

About ten minutes had passed, and Mrs. Garbini yelled up the stairs once more, "R.J. come on down; your breakfast is getting cold. Thinking that her son would be coming down in just a minute, she decided to go and take her shower. She wanted to get an early start today; she had a ton of things to do, and no time to waste.

When she got out of the shower, she went downstairs to clean the dishes from R.J.'s breakfast. To her surprise, when she went downstairs, her son's breakfast was still sitting in the exact spot, untouched. "He was probably just running late since he was out at a party last night, and didn't have time to eat," she said to herself. She then went out to the garage to grab herself a bottle of Snapple. As she opened the garage door, she saw R.J.'s brand new Ferrari still sitting in the garage, unmoved from the day before. She ran back into the house, up the stairs, and bursts into R.J.'s room, but he wasn't there. A million different things are rushing through her head by now. "Maybe Joe picked R.J. up this morning," she thought hopefully. She ran to her bedroom, picked up the phone,