Science Fiction Story PART 7.

Essay by ruskipaul June 2004

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Flashes of bright light, streaming into my eyes. It was like I was in a whirlpool, going round and round, never ending. My head and body hurting like hell. Wait, I hear a sound, shouting, a voice shouting my name.

"Charlie?" I answered groggily, "Charlie!" this time I was scared, something didn't feel right.

My vision blurred, I stumbled to my feet.

"Whoa, Easy there cowboy!" I heard a voice and cringed when a pair of warm hands grabbed and supported me gently and then everything went black.

When I regained consciousness and my vision I realized that I was tied on some sort of stretcher, my arm and leg bandaged tightly. I looked around, in the distance was the ship, all mangled and burnt.

I squeezed back the tears that were forming in my eyes. 'Trust me to wreck the ship', I thought bitterly, trying to swallow the lump in my throat.

Sudden movements to my right made me move my head. My heart stopped beating. It was Charlie! She was being carried on a stretcher by Jason and the medic Derek. I could see only the bloodied hand hanging lifelessly from the side.

"Charlie!" I screamed, scared to death. I tried standing up, but to be only pushed down by the nurse Anita.

"You have to rest" she coaxed me firmly pushing me back down.

"Noooo! I want to see Charlie!!!" I screamed fighting the straps that bounded me to the stretcher. I knew it. She was dead. It was my entire fault I thought horror-stricken, recalling the memories before the crash. I struggled harder, ignoring the pain in my arm and leg.

I heard Anita call over Derek and before I knew it I had blacked out again.

"Bryan! Hey wake up!"

I heard...