Science Fiction Story PART 9.

Essay by ruskipaul June 2004

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---Jason pushed me through the opening.

"Maybe you can start exploring this end of it and ill do the other" he said smiling as he gave me a torch and then disappeared into the gloomy darkness.

I turned on the torch and looked around me. I was in some type of cabin. It looked pretty ordinary except that there was a gaping hole, which was probably 30 feet deep. I shone my torch into the hole. I whistled, it would be certain death if anyone fell, I mused as I pushed my chair further along.

Suddenly I heard a creak behind me.

"Jason?" I turned around, expecting Jason to jump out at me. But there was no one. I must be dreaming, I thought rubbing my eyes tiredly.

I froze suddenly when I heard a sudden footstep.

"Charlie?" I heard a familiar voice. It couldn't be, I thought frantically. No! It can't!

"Charlie! I need you! You said you would be there for me!" the weary voice droned.

"Dad?" I answered bewildered and confused, "Is it you?"

"Come to me, my precious!" the voice answered.

I followed the sound of the voice. Suddenly in front of me, standing was my father!

I blinked thinking, I must be dreaming, but it wasn't.

"I thought you died when I went on the mission to..." my breath caught in my throat when I remembered that day when I received the message.

"No, Darling, I am alive" whispered my father holding his hand out to me, "Come, Come to me"

My vision blurred with tears as I moved my chair to him. I couldn't understand what was happening. I had a feeling something was wrong, but the desire to be with my father was the most important to me.

I pushed my chair...