The Science of Religion

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When I hear about religious fundamentalists talking about 'scientific creationism,' it really confuses me. Most people seem to think that science and religion are two totally different things, like night and day. Personally I prefer to think of them as being one in the same, an antagonistic pair if you will. They really compliment and enrich each other rather than contradict each other.

Perhaps the reason for this line of confused thinking is due to the fact that many people just aren't open to new ideas. For instance, many would say that religion is much older than science. That is one way of looking at things. I prefer to think that religion was a form of early science. After all, isn't science trying to explain the world around us? In essence that is what religion does as well! Both aspects try to look at the question of 'why are we here and how did we get here?' Both aspects apparently have answers that most would say are very different.

This is again where my opinion differs. Religion say that 'God created the heavens and the earth.' Science says that the big bang theory is how the universe and everything in it, including the earth, were created. Religion says that 'on the seventh day, he created man in his own image.' While science says man was evolved from apes and other primates. So here we are, two opposing points of view. This is exactly the point where the fundamentalists mentioned above get hung up on. They have their scripture and it clearly opposes scientific theory. Again I say, it is all a matter of how you perceive things.

I have successfully combined my Christianity with my belief in science on a simple and effective plane. After all, the simplest answer...