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Luke Motzel

Dr. Lee


14 July 2014

Local Environmental Issue

As of now, the world uses mostly hydroelectric power, but that is not the most efficient way power the world. The Sun gives off the light that lights up the entire Earth, and has enough energy to power the world, but the technology is not advanced enough yet. However taking baby steps toward cleaning up the world is completely necessary. Large cities that require a ton of energy like Atlanta need to take steps in cleaning up their energy.

Solar energy should be used to power everything eventually, and it has the power to do just that. The sun has enough energy to power all the businesses, homes, churches, schools, etc. The production of solar panels is just behind because of the tremendous number of panels that would be needed to power an entire city like Atlanta. Actually, every city in Georgia gets more sun per roof than the average roof in Germany which is the world leader in solar production. This just shows that how valuable solar energy could be in the future, not just for the United States, but the entire world. It only makes sense that we cut off the burning off fuels and other harmful substances, and move to a renewable and clean energy source such as solar energy. The government has yet to establish anything, but that does not mean that we cannot take steps city by city. If Atlanta starts it off, then majority of Georgia could potentially be environmentally clean, and it could lead to the entire South using solar energy.